With only a $600 deposit, you can secure a limited spot in a class near you!! We will get you EXACTLY where you need to be in just 2 DAYS!

Our aim is to provide you with absolutely everything you need, from the knowledge to the resources -- at the best value!

You will receive one of LaShae Brow & Lash Product's Microblading Kit ($550 value!)


Microblading is a manual, semi-permanent method. Also referred to as embroidery, 3D brows or micro-stroking, this cosmetic technique is natural looking and gives crisp strokes that resemble hair. It is done by hand, using a very fine blade to deposit a small amount of pigment into the skin. Manually done, microblading looks like hair. It is considered semi-permanent, lasting 12 to 18 months and is less invasive than the permanent digital method. All the pigment is applied to the top layer of the skin; the one that naturally renews itself on a regular basis. Because we're introducing pigment so close to the surface of the skin, we're able to emulate the look of real hair. Microblading will last for as long as they're being maintained. Regular touch ups are recommended to keep the strokes crisp and fresh. Healthy skin, without any underlying pathological factors, usually requires a touch up every 6 - 8 months. This, of course, varies greatly from individual to individual.


The average procedure costs between $450 and $800 (USD) and takes two hours to complete. YES! $400 (USD) per hour really is achievable as a microblading technician. A microblading technician can treat 1 client per day (or 20 a month).That’s $16,000 (USD) in monthly revenue, minus the disposable tools (20 x $25), leaving profits of $15,500 per month before overheads and taxes.

* All numbers are approximate and may vary depending on clientele, location and marketing.

No previous experience necessary! Whether you are a permanent makeup artist or this is the first time hearing about microblading, we will give you all the training you need to become a successful!



As a graduate of Kaye's beauty college 20 plus years ago, Devin D.L Mosley always sought growth within his chosen field of beauty. In almost no time, D.L established himself as an award winning hair stylist in his birth city of Indianapolis. Adding eyebrows and eyelashes to the service menu was thought to be supplemental. What was supposed to be just add on services quickly became his calling. To date, D.L has manufactured his own hypoallergenic eyelash adhesive and products (LaShae Brow Lash Products) that are sold worldwide, educated other beauty industry professionals internationally at professional beauty trade shows, formerly owned 3 Indianapolis brow lash concepts (LaShae Brow Lash Lounge) & is the current owner/lead educator for Microblading and Brow Lounge.






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